September 22, 2019

Early Monday morning, Dr. Daniels was informed that 4 men with U.S. State Dept I.D.’s walked into the Biology lab at an undisclosed Colombian University where secondary tests were being conducted on the Murrel skull and presented official documents before seizing our prized piece of evidence along with all computer and paper files associated with it. Employees witnessing the event said it was tense and chaotic, the men were said to have had several loud and threatening exchanges with lab personnel directly involved with the project and left many shaken and confused. A very angry Dr. Daniels boarded a plane for Washington D.C. today and is determined to get some answers, this comes only days after we went public with an interview from an alleged whistleblower who implicated government agencies in his testimony. We will post updates with any new information we uncover on this story.

September 13, 2019 – After a week-long wait, despite being invited and filling out copious amounts of paperwork, we were just denied entry into Russia. Federal customs sighted the “bizarre nature” of our cargo and Dr. D’s 45-year career with the D.O.D. as grounds for refusing passage. We are incredibly disappointed, I’ve never seen Jim (Dr. D) so angry! We fly out to South America tomorrow for part 2 of our trip. Wish us luck!

September 12, 2019 – The reward is now at 2 Million U.S. dollars, hopefully, this will motivate the public to put some much-needed pressure on the relevant and corresponding agencies to finally act

September 7, 2019 – Headed out of the country for a presentation of the evidence for further testing, wish us luck!

The journey begins!

September 5, 2019 – Help us lobby Humboldt State University to change their antiquated mascot from the “The Lumberjack” to “Merl the Murrel”. you can sign the petition at this link

September 5, 2019 – Almost done preparing for our trips abroad to have our evidence tested by outside sources. We will be posting updates along the way

The Inner Sanctum of Dr. Daniels

August 26, 2019 – 3 new eyewitness encounters from Oregon have been reported to us. After the witnesses are interviewed and their accounts investigated, we will post the findings. Stay tuned

August 26, 2019 – Thanks to a local, amateur Murrel hunter, we have obtained a believed Murrel fur sample. It is being sent off for testing. More to come on this exciting development.

Murrel scat test results are in!

Our own Henry “Hank” Wong recently submitted the preliminary results of his Murrel scat analysis. A more comprehensive list will be made available soon, as Henry is preparing for our international presentation of the Murrel skull, pending Dr. Daniels’ recovery.

The dung sample included: Lichen, several varieties of Ferns, forest berries, subterranean rodents, wild onions, and scavenged Human food. More to come.

Test results now confirm that we have the 1st known skull of Ratufa Murrelae. Discovered by our own Samantha Irwin, this is a game-changer for our cause. More to come on this amazing find!

Credit goes to Samantha Irwin for discovering the best piece of Murrel evidence found so far. Well done, Samantha, we are all so proud to work with you.
Unwilling to wait for an ailing Dr. Daniels to conduct an interview, the Mad River Union decided to join the chorus of mockery and ridicule with an article clearly written for their own amusement. The author certainly did his job as a journalist and responded with the proper skepticism, given the nature of the subject matter but contributed nothing positive to the ongoing effort to secure conservation for The Murrel.

Believed Murrel Skull Almost Finished Testing

preliminary test results suggest that we may now have the 1st skull of “Ratufa Murrelae“…… more to come