Dr. Daniels announces his retirement

After nearly 40 years of dedication to and fighting for our cause, several life-altering medical events and the birth of his 1st great grandchildren, our good friend, mentor and leader has decided to step away from public life. We wish him well as he sails into the sunset. Godspeed Dr. Daniels. Thank you for all

Dr. Daniels – Heart Trouble

Since the incident in Columbia last month when U.S. State Department officials confiscated our Murrel skull, Dr. Daniels has been in Washington D.C. fighting tirelessly to retrieve what is rightfully the property of our organization. During the course of the campaign to reacquire our most valued piece of evidence, Jim suffered a minor heart attack

Fallout From Whistleblower Interview

Early Monday morning, Dr. Daniels was informed that 4 men with U.S. State Dept I.D.’s walked into the Biology lab at an undisclosed Colombian University where secondary tests were being conducted on the Murrel skull and presented official documents before seizing our prized piece of evidence along with all computer and paper files associated with

Response to Dr. Daniels “Birthers”

Amazing to all of us, is that more people seem to doubt the existence of Dr. Daniels than do “The Murrel”. Due to the nature of his 45-year career in government, his history is not readily accessible, we understand the doubt this creates but were hoping people would focus their attention on the uncatalogued, 6ft

Denied Entry

After a week-long wait, despite being invited and filling out copious amounts of paperwork, we were just denied entry into Russia. Federal customs sighted the “bizarre nature” of our cargo and Dr. D’s 45-year career with the D.O.D. as grounds for refusing passage. We are incredibly disappointed, I’ve never seen Jim (Dr. D) so angry!