*Eyewitnesses Can Remain Anonymous*

“My girls and I like to take the horses out on the back trails of the community forest, one day out on a ride, my daughter’s horse got spooked by something close by.  Not knowing what it was, I reached for my sidearm as a large, brown blur with a very bushy tail sped across the trail, my girl’s horse bucked her to the ground and ran off into the woods. It took us two hours to find her horse afterward. I’m still not sure what we saw but it was definitely not any animal we’re familiar with. I think about that day all the time. We have since found other places to ride and won’t be going back there anytime soon”

W.G. – Kneeland

“One arvo in the bush with me mates, I really had to park me brekkie so after finding a spot, I dropped me daks and grundies and while giving the ol’ Aussie Salute I saw huge bloody Squirrel chasing a bird, it was a blinder, mate, bigger than a bloody boomer and moved like a Possum up a gum tree, It was London to a brick a bloody Squirrel, I swear on me life. I was bloody gobsmacked. I thought to meself, fair suck of the sav, that Squirrel was the size of a bloody bloke, that’s the deadset, mate”

D.M. – Trinidad

“A few years back while going to HSU, my roommate and I went deep into the community forest looking for a place to grow some pot plants, we were walking down some old logging road when we noticed this huge creature peering at us through a crotch in some tree branches, it was completely still and quiet and it was taller than me (I’m 5’8) we instantly stopped and stared back at it. All we could see was half of its face, it wasn’t a bear or anything else I’ve ever seen. We took a picture and then threw a rock at it to get it to come out so we could snap a better picture but in turned around and ran into the woods, it had a huge tail and was super fast. We were nervous about reporting it because of what we were doing but ended up telling a forestry worker who told us that we weren’t the only people who reported seeing the creature, he ended up putting us in contact with Dr. Daniels. That thing could have killed us if it had wanted to, I’ve never seen anything that big move that fast. We haven’t been back there since”

A.D. and E.W.Arcata

“I live near Redwood Park in Arcata and often take my Jack Russell Terrier out for his morning pee. On an early morning walk, I saw what I just assumed was a black bear digging through one of the trash cans, upon hearing my dog bark, the creature stood upright and looked right at us then and took off running into the forest at light speed. It took days for me to process what I had witnessed, I was embarrassed to tell anyone until I started seeing other eyewitness reports. It was like something out of a movie, the brain just cannot comprehend seeing something like this, it still has me questioning my own sanity”

M.S.- Arcata, Ca

“One Friday evening right before sunset, my buddies and I were wrapping up a game of disc golf when I overthrew my driver into the brush. While trying to find it, I saw a huge brown blur run through the bushes about 10 to 15  feet in front of me, it was incredibly fast but it clearly wasn’t a bear, a cougar, a dog or anything else that one might see in the park, it scared the crap out of me.  I never saw its face but it had a big tail that most closely resembled a Squirrel. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this to anyone, I didn’t even tell my friends and I didn’t sleep at all that night, it’s hard to process something that weird, there’s definitely something out there”

N.J. – Sunny Brae

“While on an evening walk in the woods with my wife, we stumbled upon the creature eating what appeared to be the remains of a dead blackbird, when it noticed us, it let out a loud hiss and ran up a nearby tree with incredible speed and agility. We were so shaken, we ran back to the car and have not since entered any local wilderness areas. This is by far the craziest thing I’ve ever encountered in my life”

S.D. – Arcata, Ca

“I am a tenured Humboldt State University educator. After having a life-altering encounter with this creature, I was very conflicted about coming forward, I was terrified of being ostracized by my peers and making a career-ending mistake. Instead of career suicide, I chose to contact an old colleague(Dr. Daniels) who is an expert in this field. I trust he will follow the evidence and honor the scientific process”


“I’m a local wildlife official who personally interviewed over 2 dozen eyewitnesses, all of whom were willing to be polygraphed. My report and the numerous requests for action that followed were ignored by both my superiors and senior officials at Humboldt State. After several attempts to be taken seriously, I was threatened with the loss of my job and forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I have since hired an attorney”

J.B. – Arcata, Ca

“I may have been high but I’m not crazy, I know what I saw. No man on Earth could sprint 40+ mph in a heavy Squirrel costume, let alone, run up a Redwood Tree with my sandwich in it’s mouth”

I.D. -Eureka, Ca

“During my time on the streets, I went looking for a good place to pitch my tent behind HSU one night. After I set up camp, I was collecting firewood when I heard something very large coming through the brush. Thinking it was a park ranger or a campus cop, I turned off my flashlight and hid. After hiding for a few minutes, I headed back to my tent when I saw the thing digging through my food bag, I threw a rock at it when it turned around and screamed at me and ran off with my box of Triscuits. I literally pissed my pants and packed up and left. I have never been so f@cking scared in my life”

T.M. – Eureka, Ca

More eyewitness statements to be uploaded soon

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