“The Redwood Man-Squirrel”, also known as “Squirrelsquatch”, “Squirrsquatch”, The Hulk Squirrel”, “Squirrelfoot”, “Bignut”, “The Mega-Squirrel”, “The Bigfoot Squirrel”, “Frankensquirrel”, “Squirrelzilla”, “The Humboldt Man-Squirrel” and “The Arcata Man-Squirrel”, but most known as “The Murrel” (hybrid of Man/Squirrel) is a controversial, cryptozoological creature, unknown to science but very real to purported eyewitnesses. The Murrel is said to have the physical anatomy of a Squirrel, with the bipedal locomotion of a Homo Sapien and is reported to dwell in the coniferous forests of the Pacific Northwestern United States. Most eyewitness accounts put the creature somewhere between 5 and 6 ft tall and roughly 200 to 300lbs. While some believe it to be a relic of myth and legend, or an elaborate hoax, others think it could be an extant mammal, currently uncatalogued by science. Despite it’s “cute and cuddly” appearance, this creature is highly aggressive and has attacked Humans on more than one occasion.

The 1st known sighting came in 1983 from 2 students at Humboldt State University. The shaken eyewitnesses claim their accounts were dismissed as a result of their experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs and they both decided to stay quiet about their experience after being threatened with expulsion.

The 1st ever photograph of the Redwood Man Squirrel, captured on a night vision trail cam in the Arcata Community Forest