A Brief Chat With Dr. James Daniels – On the Trail of “El Hombre Ardilla”

By Gideon Hardcastle – Strange Times Blog

With dogged determination and persistence bordering on harassment, I finally got the man at the center of the Murrel phenomenon, the controversial and enigmatic Dr. James Daniels, to grant me a very rare follow up interview. At the time I caught up with the good doctor he was gearing up for a special trip into the South American wilderness to investigate some interesting stories coming out of the jungle. 

GH (Gideon Hardcastle): Hello Dr. Daniels and thank you for speaking to me today, how have you been doing during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

JD (James Daniels): Well, I would have probably lost my mind if not for my great grandchildren, they’ve kept me busy and happy.

GH: Congratulations! and how is your health?

JD: Not too bad, I have finally been cleared to resume normal physical activity after a very tumultuous year. There was a time not long ago I thought I was a goner.

GH: What are you most looking forward to doing with your newly improved health and mobility?

JD: Well, in a perfect world, I would fly to Northern California, find that smug-faced, Mad River Jackass, “Kenneth Dyson” and give him a beating that would make his mother cry and then hold his head underwater until the bubbles stopped percolating but I will settle for a trip to South America 

GH: Sounds like maybe there’s still some animosity there?

JD: Oh yes, that smug sonofabitch set us back years with his yellow, tabloid journalism and ultimately sent me into permanent retirement and almost into the grave. We gave him the most popular content his small-town, chicken-shit publication ever printed on toilet paper and then he smeared us like shit on a nut hospital wall. Both he and the “Salty Creek Onion” can go fuck themselves with a flaming, barbed wire wrapped 2X4.

GH: Wow, tell us how you REALLY feel. Sounds like he won’t be invited to Thanksgiving Dinner anytime soon.

JD: Like they say, nothing sucks like a Hoover…….I mean a “Dyson” (laughs)

GH: Moving on…..what is next for you?

JD: I am headed to South America to investigate some pretty credible sightings of a cryptid eyewitnesses are claiming to have encountered in the jungle. 

GH: So, are you officially coming out of retirement?

JD: No, this is a personal curiosity, I am no longer operating in any official capacity with SaveTheMurrel.org, I have left that in the very capable hands of my apprentice, Steve Neill

GH: What can you tell us about this cryptid you will be investigating?

JD: It’s too early to tell but some indigenous peoples in the rainforest have described encounters with a very aggressive creature they describe as resembling a very large, upright squirrel-like beast. These accounts have a very familiar flavor, if you will, and have piqued my curiosity. 

GH: Do you have any preliminary theories?

JD: It’s too early to make any assessments but I intend to thoroughly vet these reports, I have hired a local tracker and a translator to assist me in the investigation of the so called “El Hombre Ardilla”

GH: This is very interesting, will you give me an exclusive when you conclude your findings?

JD: Absolutely, I should be back stateside in a few weeks, I will reach out when my report is complete

GH: Thank you, I look forward to speaking with you upon your return.

JD: Stay safe, young man. 

GH: You too.


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