Fallout From Whistleblower Interview

Early Monday morning, Dr. Daniels was informed that 4 men with U.S. State Dept I.D.’s walked into the Biology lab at an undisclosed Colombian University where secondary tests were being conducted on the Murrel skull and presented official documents before seizing our prized piece of evidence along with all computer and paper files associated with it. Employees witnessing the event said it was tense and chaotic, the men were said to have had several loud and threatening exchanges with lab personnel directly involved with the project and left many shaken and confused. A very angry Dr. Daniels boarded a plane for Washington D.C. today and is determined to get some answers, this comes only days after we went public with an interview from an alleged whistleblower who implicated government agencies in his testimony. We will post updates with any new information we uncover on this story.


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